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    Driver sd needs updating use bustype methods

    /* Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation, 1991 - 2010 Module Name: class.c Abstract: SCSI class driver routines Environment: kernel mode only Notes: Revision History: --*/ #define CLASS_INIT_GUID 1 #define DEBUG_MAIN_SOURCE 1 #include "classp.h" #include "debug.h" #include #ifdef DEBUG_USE_WPP #include "class.tmh" #endif #ifdef ALLOC_PRAGMA #pragma alloc_text(INIT, Driver Entry) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Add Device) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Claim Device) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Create Device Object) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Dispatch Pnp) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Get Descriptor) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Get Pdo Id) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Initialize) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Initialize Ex) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Invalidate Bus Relations) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Mark Child Missing) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Mark Children Missing) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Mode Sense) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Pnp Query Fdo Relations) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Pnp Start Device) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Query Pnp Capabilities) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Query Time Out Registry Value) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Remove Device) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Retrieve Device Relations) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Update Information In Registry) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Send Device Io Control Synchronous) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Unload) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Allocate Release Request) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Free Release Request) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Initialize Hotplug Info) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Register Mounted Device Interface) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Scan For Class Hacks) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Scan For Special In Registry) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Mode Sense) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Is Portable) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Acquire Child Lock) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Determine Token Operation Command Support) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Device Process Offload Read) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Device Process Offload Write) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Service Populate Token Transfer Request) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Classp Service Write Using Token Transfer Request) #if (NTDDI_VERSION = NTDDI_WINBLUE) #pragma alloc_text(PAGE, Class Mode Sense Ex) #endif #endif #pragma prefast(disable:28159, "There are certain cases when we have to bugcheck...") IO_COMPLETION_ROUTINE Class Check Verify Complete; ULONG Class Pnp Allow Unload = TRUE; ULONG Class Max Interleave Per Critical Io = CLASS_MAX_INTERLEAVE_PER_CRITICAL_IO; CONST LARGE_INTEGER Magic10000 = ; GUID Storage Predict Failure DPSGuid = WDI_STORAGE_PREDICT_FAILURE_DPS_GUID; #define First Drive Letter ' C' #define Last Drive Letter ' Z' BOOLEAN Use QPCTime = FALSE; // // Keep track of whether security cookie is initialized or not. // BOOLEAN Init Security Cookie = FALSE; // // List Identifier for offload data transfer operations // ULONG Max Token Operation List Identifier = MAX_TOKEN_LIST_IDENTIFIERS; volatile ULONG Token Operation List Identifier = (ULONG)-1; // // List of FDOs that have enabled idle power management.// LIST_ENTRY Idle Power FDOList = ; KGUARDED_MUTEX Idle Power FDOList Mutex; // // Handle used to register for power setting notifications.Some hardware does not support processing of full The 24-bit linear samples use 32-bit physical space, but the sample is stored in the lower three bytes. SH AUTHOR \f Bamixer\f P is by Jaroslav Kysela Hello, This is an automated email from the git hooks/update script, it was generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository.

    driver sd needs updating use bustype methods-14

    [libata] ata_timing fix Better fixup for the orinoco driver ide: explain the PCI bus test we do in libata: Note a nasty ATA quirk libata: propogate host private data from probe function Alan Hourihane: AGP performance fixes Alan Stern: USB: UHCI: Remove unused fields and unneeded tests for NULL USB: UHCI: Split apart the physical and logical framelist arrays USB: usb_bulk_message() handles interrupts endpoints USB: UHCI: Spruce up some comments USB: File-Storage gadget: use the kthread API g_file_storage: fix obscure race condition UHCI: unify BIOS handoff and driver reset code USB: Rename hcd-state assignments in uhci-hcd Missing transfer_flags setting in usbtest USB: Always do usb-handoff hid-core: Add Clear-Halt on the Interrupt-in endpoint PATCH: usb-storage: move Get Max LUN later in time PATCH: usb-storage: allocate separate sense buffer PATCH: usb-storage: implement minimal PM PATCH: usb-storage: use kthread API usbcore: Improve endpoint sysfs file handling usbcore: endpoint attributes track altsetting changes usbcore: Wrap lines before column 80 usbcore: Use kzalloc instead of kmalloc/memset USB: Fix maxpacket length for ep0 on root hubs usbcore: Fix handling of sysfs strings and other attributes Add kthread_stop_sem() [SCSI] sd: Fix refcounting [SCSI] Fix refcount leak in scsi_report_lun_scan Albert Lee: [libata] C/H/S support, for older devices libata: indent and whitespace change libata: rename host states libata: minor whitespace, comment, debug message updates [libata scsi] tidy up SCSI lba and xfer len calculations [libata scsi] add CHS support to ata_scsi_start_stop_xlat() libata CHS: move the initialization of taskfile LBA flags (revise #6) libata CHS: calculate read/write commands and protocol on the fly (revise #6) libata CHS: reread device identify info (revise #6) libata: if condition fix for ata_dev_identify() [email protected]: asus vt8235 router buggy bios workaround Alessandro Zummo: i2c: New Xicor X1205 RTC driver [ARM] 3089/1: ixp4xx AHB/PCI endianness fix [ARM] 3140/1: NSLU2 machine support Alex Aizman: [SCSI] open-iscsi/linux-iscsi-5 Initiator: Makefile Updates [SCSI] open-iscsi/linux-iscsi-5 Initiator: Header files [SCSI] open-iscsi/linux-iscsi-5 Initiator: Initiator header [SCSI] open-iscsi/linux-iscsi-5 Initiator: Transport class update for i SCSI [SCSI] open-iscsi/linux-iscsi-5 Initiator: Kconfig update [SCSI] open-iscsi/linux-iscsi-5 Initiator: Initiator code Alex Williamson: [IA64] more robust zx1/sx1000 machvec support Alexander Wold: v4l: 705: added kworld vstream expertdvd Alexandre Oliva: x86-64: bitops fix for -Os Alexey Dobriyan: [CIFS] fs/cifs/netmisc.c: fix sparse warning starfire: free_irq() on error path of netdev_open() mdc800: remove embrions of C exceptions fs/attr.c: remove BUG() Documentation/sparse.txt: mention CF=-Wbitwise atmel: memset correct range v4l: 721: check kthread correctly Amos Waterland: protect ide_cdrom_capacity by ifdef Ananda Raju: [IPv4/IPv6]: UFO Scatter-gather approach S2io: Multi buffer mode support Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli: Kprobes: rearrange preempt_disable/enable() calls Kprobes: Track kprobe on a per_cpu basis - base changes Kprobes: Track kprobe on a per_cpu basis - i386 changes Kprobes: Track kprobe on a per_cpu basis - ia64 changes Kprobes: Track kprobe on a per_cpu basis - ppc64 changes Kprobes: Track kprobe on a per_cpu basis - sparc64 changes Kprobes: Track kprobe on a per_cpu basis - x86_64 changes Kprobes: Use RCU for (un)register synchronization - base changes Kprobes: Use RCU for (un)register synchronization - arch changes Kprobes: preempt_disable/enable() simplification Andi Kleen: Convert mempolicies to nodemask_t Remove near all BUGs in mm/mempolicy.c Don't set dcdbas driver to default m Andrea Arcangeli: page fault SMP scalability optimization ptrace/coredump/exit_group deadlock fix nr_unused accounting, and avoid recursing in iput with I_WILL_FREE set fix __writeback_single_inode WARN_ON Andreas Mohr: [ALSA] AZT3328 driver update Andreas Oberritter: dvb: pluto2: Removed unavoidable error message and related code Andrew de Quincey: dvb: stv0299: revert improper method dvb: Remove DEBUG_LOCKLOSS stuff Andrew de Quincy: dvb: Remove broken stv0299 enhanced tuning code Andrew Isaacson: Use cpumask_t rather than hand-rolled bitmask code in sb1250_set_affinity. Sibyte fixes BCM1480 headers Sibyte header cleanup Add support for SB1A CPU. Andy Currid: Fix sata_nv handling of NVIDIA MCP51/55 Andy Fleming: [netdrvr gianfar] use new phy layer ppc32: 85xx PHY Platform Update Andy Whitcroft: ppc64 memory model depends on NUMA Anton Altaparmakov: NTFS: Change ntfs_map_runlist_nolock() to also take an optional attribute NTFS: Change ntfs_attr_find_vcn_nolock() to also take an optional attribute NTFS: - Change ntfs_cluster_free() to also take an optional attribute NTFS: - Change ntfs_cluster_alloc() to take an extra boolean parameter NTFS: Change ntfs_attr_make_non_resident to take the attribute value size NTFS: Fix ntfs_attr_make_non_resident() to update the vfs inode i_blocks NTFS: Add fs/ntfs/attrib.[hc]::ntfs_attr_extend_allocation(), a function to NTFS: Implement fs/ntfs/inode.[hc]::ntfs_truncate().Hello, This is an automated email from the git hooks/update script, it was generated because a ref change was pushed to the repository.Updating branch, master, via e5c4c248a1ad6a84140759bfe6a26348c222a929 (commit) from 193724743965d4548d632ebfde15c0c5d3c44e9d (commit) - Log ----------------------------------------------------------------- commit e5c4c248a1ad6a84140759bfe6a26348c222a929 Author: Adrian Knoth ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Diffstat: src/pcm/pcm.c | 6 --- 1 files changed, 3 insertions( ), 3 deletions(-) Patch -------------- (max 1500 lines) diff --git a/src/pcm/pcm.c b/src/pcm/pcm.c index ea1afdc..18b43b3 100644 --- a/src/pcm/pcm.c b/src/pcm/pcm.c @@ -209,13 209,13 @@ The device is physicaly disconnected.Hi, I'm running tx2000 in 10.04 Just tried rotation scripts and auto-rotate using ID numbers to identify touch, pen and eraser. The touch on the other hand appears in the correct position while I make contact with the screen, but on release the cursor jumps to the opposite side of the screen to the position if the rotation had not occurred. That should mean you have the default Lucid 0.8.4-4 and 0.10.5 xf86-input-wacom. I believe they might have added a way to check xsetwacom version. After hours of installing windows 7 I can now say it works with Windows... I will now install again Ubuntu 10.04 (but this time the amd64 Version, last time I choose the x86 version) But it still do not work, if I rotate back it stay a long time to 1 and so it don't rotate back... When you place your cursor over the Magick rotating green arrowing icon in the upper right notification area while in landscape do you see "Normal mode"? (Because he may didn't get the IRQ, I don't know) If I press the Power Button the driver updates all states, incl. This version uses Ayuthia's new python rotation script. WARNING: Remember the slash / after the name of the folder, or it won't work. Save patch2magick in the folder where you have installed magickrotation 4.I didn't realize the pointer jump bug was present with touch on rotation. the tablet state, and changes /sys/devices/platform/hp-wmi/tablet, which is read by your script, and then it works... This enables evdev rotation for TX2z's with touch on the evdev driver in Lucid and Maverick. Open a terminal and cd in the folder of magick and run this command patch Hi benazhack, Welcome to Ubunutu forums!

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